Energy is always Domino!!!!!!!!!!! Vocabularyexternal image potential_kinetic.jpg

kinetic energy - something in motion has kinetic energy

potential energy- energy about to move. Stored energy. EX: rubber band pulled all the way back on a catapult.

chemical energy - is energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules. Sugar has chemical energy that is stored in the plant/animal. It's used by the animals that eat the plants and/or animals in the food web.

light energy - energy for plants and others
heat energy - energy like solar power, heat waves from sun, etc.


1. Explain how energy is transferred in photosynthesis (what type of energy does the process start with and what type of energy results)

The process of photosynthesis starts with light energy and turns it into chemical energy which it is stored in the plant.

Carbon Dioxide + Water ----------->>>>>>>>>>>>light >>>>>>>>> Oxygen + Sugar

2. How does the catapult illustrate the difference between kinetic energy and potential energy?

a catapult displays kinetic energy when the object that is launched and is moving which is kinetic energy.
a catapult displays potential energy when the object being launched is still in the "pocket" of the catapult and is about to move so it potential.

3. During the Change of State Lab, we observed snow change from solid, liquid, to gas. Explain what happened to the molecules of water in this lab in terms of heat energy.

The ice was heated in to water and the , the molecules got heated in the water and turned to bubbles which are oxygen which is a gas. As molecules are heated, the molecules begin to move faster and spread apart.

4. How does the cotyledon in the kidney bean relate to energy?

The cotyledon relates to enrgy because it supplies energy to the kidney bean to gives it life.

5. In chemistry, some reactions are exothermic. How is this related to the concept of energy?

Exothermic reactions relate to the concept of energy because exoothermic reactions release kinetic energy and temperature rises.

6. In the study of ecology, the complex food web represents energy traveling through a system. Is this an example of cyclic causality or domino causality?
It is an example of domino because all of the consumers are consuming the smaller consumers below them on the food pyramid.The energy of the Sun Travels from the plants to the animals and continues to travel in a straight line. The Energy never returns to the SUN.